Cancer outcomes may be improved by DHA.

  • The Special Care Foundation's mission, to care enough to cure cancer, arose with the general aim to investigate cancer treatments…

Author Investigates Cancer Rise in Canines

  • "Why do some dog breeds live longer than others?"
    "Is cancer in canines increasing? If so, why?"


Leading pet cancer center provides to advances

  • The Special Care Foundation for Companion Animals conducts compassionate cancer research with physicians, scientists, engineers,…

Care Enough to Cure

The Special Care Foundation is the only non-profit scientific and medical research organization dedicated to developing cancer cures for people and pets.

Partnering with renowned oncologists, scientists, and other clinicians in developing cures for cancer and other related diseases, the Special Care Foundation has been recognized internationally for oncology discoveries that have profoundly improved the lives of dogs, cats and humans alike.

The videos provided are examples of some of the research Special Care Foundation is involved in at our partnering research institutions.


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